Friday, January 23, 2015

Most Memorable Experiences

Still Life Drawing
Oaxacan Animal Bowl

The most memorable experiences I have had in this class have been creating the Oaxacan Animal Bowl and doing my Still Life Drawing. I really enjoyed doing the Still Life Drawing because I learned how to make shadows and how to make values darker and lighter. The bigger picture on what I learned from the still life drawings is how to create shapes without outlining them. I really enjoyed this project because I got to work with charcoal and brown paper as the middle value. I enjoyed the Oaxacan Animal Bowl because I really enjoy working with clay, so that aspect of it was fun. I also enjoyed the designs that I painted on the bowl and the color scheme I used.

Thinking About Art

During the course of this class my views on art have changed. When I first came into this class I didn't fully understand all the different ways that things could be portrayed through art. In this class we looked at many different kinds of art work and in all of them something was portrayed. In some you could tell what message the artist was trying to send but in some you have to look a little deeper. Even in my own work I started to notice how I could express different feelings through the color and the texture of the artwork. This helps me appreciate art more because it adds something you can think about when looking at the simplest or most complex type of art. I think that this is very important and I am glad I learned this important value.

Project I Am Most Proud Of

Value Self Portrait

The project I am most proud of is my value self portrait. I am very proud of this piece because I think I captured the light and dark areas effectively and understood the difference between the light and dark values. I also think that the way I captured this, added characteristics to my picture. The thing I am most proud in the picture, is how the color changed between shapes and how instead of outlining to makes shapes I created shapes through change in color so it looked more natural. From this project I learned many things, the biggest I think is how to effectively change from color to color and being able to create a painting without that much outlining. This will help me in the future because I learned how to not outline when using paint and to let the colors become my lines.

Graphic Designs Using Color Schemes


  • Gain a basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop, cs6
  • Use Photoshop to create two different, interesting designs that demonstrate clear color schemes and organic & geometric shapes.

 Geometric Design: Cool Color Scheme

Organic Design: Cool Color Scheme

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Personal Space Box

The purpose of this project was to look closely at the work of Winslow Homer so that I could better understand who he is as an artist as well as learn how to describe, interpret, and evaluate works of art. In response to looking at Homer’s work, I created a relief sculpture that is inspired by his work and concepts.

Artists Studied: Winslow Homer

The place that my box takes place at is the border between Spain and France in the Pyrenees mountains. This is important to me because during the summer I took a three week trip to Spain and this and made some life long friends. In the foreground I am in the picture with three of my friends and it portrays the fun I had in those three weeks and a lot of things I accomplished. As my tangible object I chose to have rocks on my box. This portrays the hiking that went on, the living situation because we where sleeping in tents while we where hiking, and it was in the mountains so there were many rocks! I think this whole box shows the environment I was in and the tangible objects gives a view into those three weeks.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Still Life Drawing


  • To create a still-life drawing that demonstrates understanding of angles & ellipses in perspective, along with using a variety of mark-making techniques to describe form;
  • To understand value by creating a good range of values between black & white to help make the objects appear 3D;
  • To demonstrate quality craftsmanship and good composition skills in a drawing.

    The drawing technique that I mostly used was Giorgio Mondio because he uses 
    lines when shaping my objects. I think it adding to my look of 3D objects.

    In my first drawing there was no feel of three dimensionalism. In my final drawing I shaded and used the different colors better and grew in that area. I learned more about value and creating a middle value with using the paper. I also learned how to make a dark black value and a light white value and making contrasts between them. In my first drawings there was a lot of outlining being done but as I practiced and made more and more drawings, I used less and less outlining. Finally, after this assignment I learned about shadowing and how it can add to my picture in more ways I thought was possible!

    Artist studied: Henry Moore, John Whalley, Giorgio Morandi & Vincent van Gogh

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Winslow Homer, Boy in a Boatyard 1873

To become familiar with Winslow Homer, a Maine artist;
To look at Homer’s work as a way to inform and inspire your own work;

Which artwork are you analyzing?  Insert a copy of the image below this line of type.

Title: Boy in a Boatyard
Medium: Watercolor
Year of creation: 1873
Describe as much as you can about the artwork.  What is happening?  How many people and/or animals are in it and what are they doing?  Describe any buildings that you see.  What time of day is it?  What colors are used?
In this piece of artwork, the main character is the boy sitting down on what looks to be an overturned barrel. On top of the barrels there is a sail of a sailboat tossed on top of these barrels. The ground in this picture is mostly dirt, not that much grass, so if would seem as though many things were trampling over it because of the lack of grass. In the background there is a light blue barn that looks old and well used. It looks as though it is mid or late day because of the color blue of the sky in the background. The colors mainly used in this picture are different shades of blue, none too intense, some brown with a little tint of pink. None of the colors are too intense it is more of a low intensity painting. The sail is a white that sticks out and takes up a lot of the painting.
Point of interest/CompositionWhat attracts your eye first?  Where is it located? How does Homer draw your attention to this area?  (color contrasts, lines, location, changes in pattern, etc.)
The first thing I see when I look at this painting is the boy that is sitting down. Even though the boy is a small piece in the large scheme of the picture he is still the first thing that my eye lands on. It is located in the center towards the bottom of the picture but is relatively in the middle. I think that Homer brings my eye to this boy by making the background behind him not that complicated. Behind his is a plain white sail. The sail is still interesting the way it is folded over and lying on the ground but I think that is one of the main reasons your eye lands on the boy.

Balance - Is there symmetrical or asymmetrical balance? Explain…
The piece of artwork is asymmetrical but is balanced because of the way the lines and shapes cancel each other out.

Depth/Perspective- Is there a horizon line?  What is in the foreground, middleground, and background?  Is the background very deep and far away or is this painting shallow and close up? How do you know; describe it.
There is no clear horizon but in the back left corner you can see a little of the blue sky. The foreground is more of the dirt and everything in front of the boy sitting down. I think the middle ground is where the boy is and where the barrels and tossed down sail is. The background is more of the house and the little piece of the skyline that is showing. The picture is mostly close up and shallow. You can tell because there is not much depth and you can not see far into the distance. The little piece of the sky that you can see in the corner is the deepest it gets but even that does not have a ton of depth.

Mood – What are the feelings, emotions and/or mood you get when you look at this painting?  How do the colors, lines, brushstrokes, composition, subject matter contribute to the mood?
I get a happy feeling when looking at this painting. The colors are warmer colors and the give off a happy vibe. The white especially adds a light feeling to the painting. The brushstrokes are very precise and give off a very detailed look. You can see the individuality in some of the grass but not so much so that it looks like many different pieces of grass. You can still tell they are all part of something bigger and that I think, is true throughout.

Interpret - Now that you have looked closely at the artwork and have read the title, describe the story of the painting. What do you think Homer was trying to communicate?
I think that the story behind the painting is that there was this boy and maybe he was working in the boatyard, or just stopping by, but in any case he got tired and had to take a break. So he sat down on the inside of these barrels, which shows his resourcefulness, and just sat and thought. It doesn’t seem like he is in a hurry or anything he is just sitting and thinking. I think the artist is showing that we all need time to go to a quiet place and sit and think. Without the pressure of everyday life, just sit and think.